Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has helped major brands get more famous in the global market. It helps bloggers build a reputation online. The blogger develops a more professional image on the internet. Guest posts reach far and wide and bloggers get in touch with new people in this process.

Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

Two major reasons why bloggers opt for guest blogging include

  • To make more people aware about their online presence and attract the right kind of people, who are actually in search of their business to come and visit their blog
  • To increase SEO, search engine ranking and online traffic for their blog.

Here are some tips you should definitely follow if you wish to guest post

  1. Check out a decent blog that is being shared and liked a lot on social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. There should be a lot of community activity going on. Also there should be a large number of subscribers.
  2. The blog doesn’t have to be completely related to your field of interest. It should appeal to a larger audience and also be sensible enough.
  3. Use keywords such as “submit a guest post”, “guest post”, “accepting guest posts” on google to search for blogs that allow guest posting. SEOmoz Domain Authority and PageRank can help you find blogs that have made to the top of the SEO list. You can rely on them.
  4. Study the background of the blog owner. Find out what reputation he holds on the internet. Check out for spam and malware content. Check out if the blog owner has received an award form a reputed organization. Also, find out if the blog has been featured in some top 10 or top 20 lists. You must always keep in mind that google gives more importance to original content.guest-blogging-guide
  5. Look out for blog updating frequency. Focus on your target audience. See if your target audience matches the target audience of that particular blog. Also check the response of the target audience on that blog. Read their feedback and comments and generate an opinion about that blog.
  6. When you will be writing your first guest post, you must really work hard on it and write for us tech articles if your expertise is in it. Take your time but don’t compromise on anything because your first impression will be a gateway to your success as a guest blogger. Choose a topic that is similar and suits the topic of the blog. Search for top posts and hot topics to write a blog on.
  7. Choose a specific blog for guest posting that features a particular subject instead of a blog that features general or all type of content. The blog should not carry a lot of ads which makes the user interface shabby and people generally don’t prefer reading such blogs. There should be a fine balance between ads and blog content. Content of the blog should not be entirely guest posted. Choose a blog site which has a clean and clear design structure.

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